Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray for Dogs & Cats, Eliminate Bad Breath, Targets Tartar & Plaque, Without Brushing

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Product description

Causes of pet dental problems

 Why is the oral health of pets so important?

Every day food debris in the mouth can cause a variety of bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth to proliferate in the crevices of the teeth and inside the mouth. If left untreated, this can lead to a range of oral health problems in pets, including bad breath, ulcers, yellow teeth, tooth decay, calculus, periodontitis, bleeding gums, weak or partially missing teeth, swollen gums, toothache, and tooth loss.


When this condition continues to worsen, dogs and cats can develop problems such as bad breath and inflamed gums. At that time, bacteria are eating away at their gums, making them prone to bleeding, plaque, redness and other problems. When these problems are not addressed in a timely manner, oral problems become more serious and dogs and cats can suffer from periodontitis, plaque, calculus, loose teeth, toothache, and even lead to tooth loss.

Pet oral problems, Solved here!

Your pet's oral health is just as important as their overall well-being. That's why we created Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray, the revolutionary solution that not only cleans your pet's teeth but also whitens them. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a brighter, healthier smile.

What can Petry® PetBreath do for your pet?


We pride ourselves in ensuring only the best products with the best ingredients and are committed to offering premium-quality products that treat some of the most common ailments in pets, without the need for a prescription. Our goal is to bridge the gap between expensive prescription treatments and safe, effective, over-the-counter options that veterinarians are comfortable recommending.


Petry® Spray is the latest product certified by VOHC. Oral disease starts at a very early age, and good oral care is critical to prevent tooth loss and irreversible dental disease in your pets. Keep this dog plaque spray handy to deliver more than just fresh breath. Actually works better than dog breath bones, freshener treats, breath freshener mints for dogs, dental chews, dog mouthwash, or other dog teeth cleaning and dental care products


Our recipe is formulated with natural, high quality ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


When used daily and on a regular period, it helps prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis common in pets.


The Petry® spray effectively fights tartar to give your dog a healthier mouth, whiten his teeth, and improve his oral hygiene


Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray can prevent and improve the occurrence of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the precursor to periodontal disease. It is where the gums meet the teeth. Because dogs do not know how to clean their own teeth, after numerous meals, their gums will accumulate a lot of food debris, causing a large number of bacteria to grow here. After the bacteria invade the gums, it will make the gums inflamed and cause pain.


Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray helps remove plaque, calculus, bacteria and more from your pet's teeth and makes them completely white After just a few uses, regardless of whether they are yellow or black.


Petry® spray eliminates bad breath and keeps your dog's teeth in top form, making your pet all the more lovable


Transform your dog's breath with Petry® spray! Made with all-natural ingredients, this powerful breath freshener eliminates bad odors and leaves a refreshing mint scent.


To use this Petry® Spray, lift lips on either side of dog's mouth. Spray 1 to 2 pumps directly onto teeth and gums per side. For best results.


Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray is safe and suitable for all pets, including cats. 


At Rosespark™, we understand that pets are like family. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective products for pets to enhance their quality of life and serve as a trustworthy resource for pet owners. Our core values empower us to offer a rehabilitation and home care solution for pets, allowing them to improve their quality of life and better accompany their owners.

Here is some feedback from pet owners.

“I have tried a million different ways to brush my dogs teeth, especially since the vet cleaning is super expensive, and she refuses to let me do it no matter what I've tried. She clenches her jaw so tight. Accumulated tartar over the years looks very disgusting. And he has a serious bad breath. Since I used Petry® Teeth Cleaning Spray, he wouldn't refuse at all because he likes the taste. After a few days of use, the tartar is completely removed, the teeth look much cleaner. And the breath is fresh. Really recommend this product”

 "I started to notice some discomfort in my dog mouth His gums are red, appearing to have inflammation. And there is buildup of tartar on his teeth. I suspect it's the buildup of tartar causing gum inflammation.My friend recommended this spray to me. After a few use, it really remove tartar buildup and address the inflammation in his gums.After the treatment was complete.His mouth was no longer painful and his breath was fresher.Good dental health is so important for pets and I'm happy that my dog was able to get the help he needed to maintain it"


 These are the results from some pet owners

"Tartar removal for my dog was a thorough and important experience. I decided to try this spray after noticing a buildup of tartar on my dog's teeth. The product was easy to use, simply requiring me to spray it on my dog's teeth once a day.After a few weeks of using the product, I noticed a significant reduction in tartar buildup on my dog's teeth. My dog also seemed to enjoy the taste of the product, which was a bonus.I was pleased with the results of using this tartar removal product and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners looking for a convenient and effective solution for maintaining their dog's dental health. "

 “After using a product to remove tartar from my cat's teeth, I noticed a significant improvement in his oral health. The product was easy to use, and I simply spray a few pumps to my cat's teeth every day.I was impressed with the effectiveness of the product, and my cat didn't seem to mind the taste at all. He happily drank his water each day, and I was happy to see that he was getting the dental care he needed without having to undergo any invasive procedures”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for pets?

Yes, It's very safe,All of its ingredients are natural, with no added alcohol(Check ingredients detail on link below).And it is VOHC certified.

Can cats use it?

This spray is suitable for all pets, including cats and dogs.

How To Use It?

usage method:

1. Hold the gap at the root of the pet's jaw by hand and let him open the mouth.

2. Spray into the oral part according to the dosage.

Recommended dosage:

Daily, use 2-3 times a day.

For serious oral problems, use 3-5 times a day.

It can be swallowed without brushing teeth. It is common for cats and dogs.

Any side affects is there a flavour and what about dogs with sensitive stomachs

it's very safe for your dogs.that's no side effect.

How long has this been out? Are there any long term effects on liver or kidneys?

his is what we have come up with after years of research. It has no side effects on your pet's kidneys🥰

Once all tarter is removed, do you need to continue using the product to avoid it all coming back? What is recommended?

Use it twice a day. One bottle can last 1 week.After testing by pet dental experts, Recommended 4-5 bottles, which can fully resolve pet dental issues. It can keep the calculus from coming back for at least 1 year.If it doesn't work, we will provide a full refund.🥰

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